MPRA Membership Benefits


MPRA members have the opportunity to develop and enhance their leadership skills as well as network with other members at numerous events throughout the year. 


MPRA has education opportunities throughout each year that cover all positions within parks and recreation such as maintenance or marketing workshops, Leadership Development Institute or Executive Forum, lunch and learns as well as education sessions for specific sections of interest. Many events held throughout the year by MPRA also provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) enabling MPRA members to remain at the forefront of their profession.

Only MPRA members have access to the online membership database which allows you to easily search for and communicate with other members. Members can search the database by name, city, sections of interest, and more.


Other online resources that are available especially for MPRA members are access to industry survey results, Parks and Stormwater Sales Tax resources, and Member Forums which allow members to ask questions, have conversations, and communicate easily on any topic.

MPRA supports industry certifications by providing CEUs that apply to your Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) and Certified Park and Recreation Executive (CPRE) through the National Recreation & Park Association (NRPA). We also host annual Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) and Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) courses in conjunction with NRPA.


The MPRA office is eager to assist you. Our goal is to be a valuable resource in advocating, communicating, and educating on behalf of our entire membership. MPRA can help you connect with other agencies, vendors, organizations, and individuals who have the answers, skills, or materials you need to make your job easier and more fun.


MPRA members receive discounted prices on educational workshops, annual conference, job postings, and many events throughout the year.

Many leadership opportunities are available to MPRA members. The MPRA members and the leadership roles they fulfill help make the Association a success each year. These roles include the Board of Directors, Regional Committees, Section Leadership, and various committees.

Not only does an MPRA membership get you a subscription to the quarterly MPRA publication, a membership gets you the opportunity to be featured in the magazine. Whether it is a employment or retirement announcement or a feature article on achievements in your city, the magazine is here to share your stories with the MPRA membership.

Financial assistance is available for members to attend educational events such as the annual conference. The scholarships are available to Individual Professional members and/or any full time employee/board/commission member of Agency or Organizational members of MPRA. Members also have the opportunity to apply for reimbursements for certifications that they have obtained during the year.


Outstanding leaders and members are recognized for their contributions at the annual MPRA Conference and Expo. MPRA also administers the Missouri Recreation and Parks Hall of Fame.

Members can participate and be informed in specific sections of interest of the Association. Affiliation with these sections give members a more personalized membership so they are up to date on events or news within their section of interest. Members can also assist in selecting specific educational sessions for the interest areas. Up to three section affiliations are included with your membership. Sections of interest are as follows:

Aquatics: Professionals with interests in maintaining safe practices and conditions in an aquatic environment, including recreational, instructional, therapeutic, and fitness/competitive aquatic activities within the parks and recreation community.

Leisure Educators: Members involved with the education and development of future and current park and recreation professionals. The sections includes university professors, advisers, counselors, or those who encourage parks and recreation education programs in Missouri.

Park Resources: Members who have involvement or interests in the management, appearance, health, safety of landscapes and features, or outdoor recreation within parks which are designed to be used by members of the public. 

Sports: Individuals and groups interested in providing the highest quality experiences possible in recreational, instructional, therapeutic, and competitive sports.

Students: Parks and recreation students seeking professional preparation in the field of parks and recreation.

Young Professionals: New professionals seeking a supportive environment to launch their careers in parks and recreation.

Missouri MPRA members are currently separated into four regions which are the Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast regions. The regional structure allows MPRA to offer customized educational opportunities in your corner of the state.

MPRA is the recognized voice of parks, recreation, and leisure services in Missouri. Our goal is to represent the needs of our professionals in the Missouri General Assembly and work with policy-makers as a source of information and advice. 

MPRA partners with theme parks around the state to offer a ticket sales program that allows member agencies to offer a service to their communities that cannot be found anywhere else. Along with the ability to offer their community discounted theme parks tickets, the agency earns a commission on each sale as well.

MPRA staff keep members up to date and informed by sending important emails, social media updates, a monthly newsletter, and other communications. The staff’s goal is to ensure each MPRA member is aware of all opportunities available and that they are continually informed of all relevant events, meetings, learning sessions, or any other occasion that benefits their professional career or helps advocate the mission of MPRA.

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