Eligible applicants or the annual conference scholarship must be a full-time employee or board/commission member of an MPRA agency member or an individual professional member of MPRA. For 2023, MPRA will be awarding a full conference scholarship to four (4) MPRA members, including a full delegate pass to the MPRA Conference and Expo; 3 room nights; and a $100 food and gas stipend.


Application Due: December 1, 2022

Certification Reimbursements

MPRA may annually disburse the previous year's gains/contributions on the MPRA Education Fund, not to exceed $5,000.


These funds will reimburse a full-time employee or board/commission member of an MPRA agency member, an individual professional member, organizational member, or student member of MPRA who successfully obtained or renewed a certification listed below (with priority going to new candidates). 


 Application Due: December 1, 2022            Application Due: January 1, 2023                                  

Ticket Consignment

Discount amusement park tickets can be purchased at MPRA member parks and recreation departments across the state. The 2022 Ticket Consignment program is now underway.


For more information on participating in this program, please contact the MPRA Office. 

Splash Pass

The St. Louis area 2022 Splash Pass is a card that can be purchased for $50. ​A limited number of passes are available for purchase. Each Splash Pass card has two visit punches to each participating pool. The punches may be used by two different people. You can purchase Splash Passes from the pools listed on the links below, but be sure to call the pool first to check availability!

The Kansas City area will not be offering Splash Passes for 2022.



Missouri Trails Project

With the recognition from American Trails as the Best Trails State in 2013 and 2014, we have set out on a mission to gather all of Missouri's trail data by working with trail managers and partners statewide to provide a comprehensive resource for Missourians and visitors to the Show-Me State.

Helpful Links and Resources

Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program - Deadline to Apply - November 16, 2022 and February 8, 2023

Supporting Healthy Aging Through Parks and Recreation (SHAPR)

Grant and Fundraising Resources from NRPA


Equity in Practice Resource Library

This library includes various types of resources such as recommended articles, books, technical resources, podcasts, videos, open-access webinars, and activities that support individual learning of equity concepts across park and recreation functions.