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In honor of our beautiful state turning 200 years old, MPRA has received an official endorsement from the MO2021 Bicentennial Committee for the Show Me Your Roots event series.


MPRA members are encouraged to register their communities and help in meeting the goal of planting 200 native species trees across the state in April 2021 to commemorate Missouri's Bicentennial.


Here is how easy it is to join the

Missouri 2021 Bicentennial

celebration across the state.

  1. Fill out the registration form to confirm your official participation and to secure a free tree (or trees) ready for planting.

  2. Decide where your tree will be planted and schedule an event for your Show Me Your Roots event.

  3. Create a web-page or a page/event on social media announcing your tree planting bicentennial celebration. MPRA will also create a link on this page to your event page.

  4. Use any of the pre-made media resources in the Bicentennial Media Kit to promote your Show Me Your Roots event or feel free to create your own.

  5. Plant your tree during the month of April 2021.

  6. Document your Show Me Your Roots Bicentennial Celebration event and post images and details on social media or your website.

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