Mar 14, 2018

Metal detecting in parks


What are others policies on metal detecting in their parks? We are updating our policies and were wondering what others did. I do not like the idea of holes all over my parks from the ones that are not responsible in filling them back in when they dig.

St. Charles County Ordinance 250.090 is:

Section 250.090 Artifacts and Items of Antiquity.

[Ord. No. 00-043 §9, 4-27-2000; Ord. No. 08-047 §1, 4-4-2008] A. Collection Prohibited. No person shall collect any artifact or item of antiquity except by written authorization of the Director. All items of antiquity in or on County parks are protected and owned by the County unless by law otherwise owned. B. Use Of Metal Detectors Or Other Means Of Archaeological Excavation And Exploration. Metal detectors, shovels and other instruments for archaeological excavation and exploration are prohibited in County parks without proper authorization. Authorization for metal detection or other means of archaeological excavation and exploration may be issued by the Director for certain areas and shall be subject to such regulations as are herein set forth or may be hereafter adopted by the Director



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